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Girls Travel Teams

    Bison Girls Hockey - WNY's Tier 1 Program for Girls

    Bison Hockey has been the gold standard in Tier 1 Girls Hockey for 25 years.  The first girls program in the area, Bison Girls Hockey has placed players in NCAA Division 1, NCAA Division 3, PWHPA, PHF and the US National Program.  

    Girls Teams practice 2-3 times per week with games on the weekends.  One practice is a dedicated skills practice with Wheelhouse Hockey and the remaining are team practices.  Our teams compete at the highest levels with schedules dictated by the stage in a teams development.  We have teams competing in the OWHA as well as the top US tournaments for girls.

    We are a development first program.  Our belief is if the players continue to improve, everything will take care of itself.  Bison Hockey provides resources to surround these teams with the best possible coaching in the area.  

    You can learn more about each program below.

    Girls 10U Travel

    Our 10U program is the building block for our Tier 1 teams.  It is the players introduction to Girls Travel Hockey.  

    Our teams will practice 2 times on ice per week with games on the weekend.   Depending on the level, teams will either compete in the OWHA (Canada) or a local loop against other like opponents.  This team should expect to travel for a few overnight tournaments throughout the season.

    GIrls 12U and 14U Tier 1

    Our Girls 12U and 14U program features 2-3 practices per week with games on the weekends.  One practice will be a dedicated skills session with Wheelhouse Hockey.

    Our 12U and 14U teams traditionally competes in the OWHA (formerly LLFHL) in Canada at either the AA or A level depending on the best fit.  This team will play a 40-45 game season.

    The 12U and 14U Girls Tier 1 will compete in the NYSAHA District Tournament in March to culminate the season with the 14U playing for a spot in the USA Hockey National Tournament.

    If interest exists, we will field a second team that will serve as a developmental team for Tier 1.  This team will compete locally and potentially play in the OWHA at the BB or B level.

    Girls 16U and 19U Tier 1

    Our Girls 16U and 19U teams will run a six month season that works to accommodate the demands of High School Hockey.  The goal of this program is to maximize exposure to college programs.

    Each team will practice 2-3 times a week in the fall with practice time reducing in the winter to no more than 2 times per week.  The team will play a heavy showcase schedule in the fall through the first week of November.  We will get back together for showcases in December, January and February and teams will spot in games throughout the season.  These teams will play a 45-55  game schedule over the six months of the season.

    The Tier 1 teams will compete compete in the NYSAHA District Tournament in March for an opportunity to participate in the USA Hockey National Tournament.

    College Placement

    The Bison Program has long been known as the place for future college hockey players. Our extensive network and relationships with college coaches helps connect players to programs.   Hockey Director Jamie Printz has been in the college placement business since his first head coaching job in 1999, and he has helped place over 300 players in college programs in boys and girls hockey ranging from Division 1 to Club Hockey and all levels in between.  He has an in depth understanding of the college process, the path to college, and more importantly finding the right fit.

    There are three phases to our college placement program.

    Player development

    We develop players that are intriguing to college programs.  Our experienced staff understands what it takes to play at the next level, but more importantly, our staff understands how to develop those skill sets in players.  This phase is a long term project, and the players who have the most success in college placement are the ones who have spent the long term in the Bisons Organization.  Our training begins at 10U, and while we are not actively developing a 9 year old for college, we understand the foundation of skill that a player needs at a young age so that they can develop the advanced skills at a later age.  We are methodical in our player development, and our methods have had proven success at the next level.  Players who join our organization at a later age typically have skill gaps and are typically trying to catch up to the others.


    Being in the right place at the right time is an important part of the college placement process.  Our teams are invited to all of the top exposure opportunities throughout the country.  From the Women's Beantown,  Pittsburgh Labor Day Fest, NAHA, USA-Canada Cup, Stoney Creek University Series, Roc City Fest, and the Wizards Showcase, our program is highly sought after because of our past success in developing college players..  Exposure is not everything.  It is being ready to perform when people are watching that increases your opportunities.  We make sure that our players are prepared to the best of their ability so that they can put their best game on the ice at that particular time.


    We make sure our players are connected to college coaches.  We send weekly newsletters across the country.  We share game film with colleges so that they can watch games that they cannot attend in person.  We follow up with phone calls and emails with coaches who reach out to us, and we target certain schools based on the desires of our players.  

    We are the only organization in this area with a comprehensive college placement plan for girls with proven results year after year.

    Take a look at our impressive list of Bison Hockey Alumni.

    Bison Hockey Alumni