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Shelley Looney, Director of Hockey at Bison Hockey Association

Say Hello to our new Director of Hockey

By Anne Johnston Fera, 07/17/14, 2:30PM EDT


Please welcome Shelley Looney


“It’s not about focusing on the best team or the best players. It’s not even about  winning. It’s about  developing. I believe when you develop, success will come.”

- Shelley Looney


About Shelley Looney:

  • Two-time USA Olympian
  • Appointed to USA Hockey’s Board of Directors
  • Played on the Women’s National Team for 14 years
  • Formerly the Girls’ & Women’s Hockey Director for the New Jersey Colonials

Bison Hockey's Intensified Commitment

Starting Monday April 7th we embarked on a new chapter for Bison Hockey. We are going to intensify our commitment to skill development. We are going to provide more assistance to our coaches. We are going to design our teaching to be more age appropriate and tailored to the particular skill levels of our players at each age increment.

The hiring of Shelley Looney as Hockey Director is a pivotal step in the new direction we are taking. Shelley will be on the ice all week during our Spring Tryouts. Shelley is excited to get going and meet the players in our program. We want to encourage every player to introduce themselves to Shelley when they step on the ice for tryouts.

Our Goal for the Coming Season

In the coming months, as we prepare for next season, Shelley will be busy developing our curriculum, at each age level. Shelley and all of our volunteer coaches will work closely to coordinate the integration of skills into all team practices. Along with our coaches, Bison Hockey will also be sure to educate our players and parents on the upcoming season. We intend to be very clear in communicating our expectations for everyone involved in our program next season.

Enrollment at Bison Hockey today exceeds 400 players, ranging from ages 3-18. That represents a wide range of player needs & capacity. Our goal is to help develop our players so they can increase their skating skills and begin to enjoy the great game of hockey as they become stronger and more capable on the ice.