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Chucksters Start Date Announced - Click Here for More Information

09/06/2012, 2:03pm EDT
By Mike Beecher

Our Chucksters Learn to Skate Program Starts Monday October 1st, 6pm @ Nichols Small Rink

 Our Chucksters Learn to Skate Program Starts Monday October 1st @ 6pm

Chucksters Learn To Skate Program Starts October 6th

Bison Hockey Association
CHUCKSTERS – Learn to Skate Program

2012 – 2013 Season 

Player Registration:
Amy Kneer
cell 716-465-5522

Head Coach:
John Marynowski
cell 716-225-8462

Program Basics:

  • For First Time Skaters - Boys and girls who are 3 to 8 years old 
  • The focus is on Learning to skate and introduction to basic hockey skills 
  • Skate twice weekly - October 2012 thru February 2013 at Nichols School
  • Practices - Monday nights at 6:00 pm and Saturday mornings at 9:30 am
  • Nancy Gruhl, Canadian licensed skating skills instructor, helps lead this program
  • Hockey equipment required (Minimum to Begin: Skates, Hockey Helmet, Elbow Pads, Gloves). Walkers provided for those that need assistance initially.
  • Limited # of Hockey Helmets, Elbow Pads and Gloves available for use.  
  • Program Fee = $425.00 - include jersey, socks and all ice times 

If you are interested in registering your son or daughter for the season please call Amy Kneer at 716-465-5522 and she can direct you on how to register online through our website . Our new mailing address is 156 Tacoma Avenue, Buffalo NY, 14216 along with a $150 deposit.  Amy can answer any questions that you may have.  The Chucksters program is being run in collaboration with Clarence Mustangs Hockey.  

Chucksters is designed to provide our youngsters the basic tools for skating.  At the beginning of the year most of the skaters will be assisted by walkers.  Our goal is to have them off the walker and skating on their own by the end of the year.

For the first few practices, all skaters are required to wear skates and a helmet. Chucksters are required to dress in full equipment once the program is underway.

Chucksters skate twice a week.  Parents are welcome to come on the ice at the beginning of the year, provided they are wearing skates and a helmet.  As the year progresses, we recommend that parents stay off the ice so our coaches can run the practices.


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