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2022 Spring Clinics with Wheelhouse Hockey

By Bison Hockey, 03/08/22, 10:45AM EST


Join us this spring for Elite Training at North Buffalo Rink with Wheelhouse Hockey.  Spring Training Clinics will run from April 18 – May 26.

Wheelhouse Hockey will be offering Elite Skill Development (Small Group Training), Offensive Skills and Tactics, Defense First, Shoot to Score, and Advanced Puck Control Clinics. 

Each clinic is designed to break players into similar age groups and skill levels to maximize training.  We like to give each player the feeling of a semi-private training experience. 

Many of these sessions will be sold out.  If you are planning on attending, you should register quickly as space is limited.

Wheelhouse Spring Clinic Registration Link







Mite Development

Offensive Skills


Advanced Puck Control


Elite Boys SQ/PW

Shoot to Score

Elite Girls 10/12/14



Elite Boys Ban/Midget

Defense First

Elite Girls 16/19



Clinic Descriptions

Elite Skill Development – The Elite Skill Development program features creative and progressive drills that stress proper skating, puck handling, passing, shooting, and hockey techniques.  We take an innovative and wholistic approach to skill development using multi-component training exercises through a variety of challenging drills. We will work on creating a more fluid player by focusing on posture, glide, balance and footwork.  We will combine puck movement to drive specific skating movements and layer skills.  These semi-private, POD style sessions are designed for small groups working with the same coach each week. Register soon as these will fill quickly. These sessions are designed for experienced players only. Space is limited to 10 skaters per group.

Mite Development – The Mite Development program is an age-appropriate camp modeled after our High-Performance program to develop foundational skills and confidence.  We will develop balance, agility and coordination in skating, puck handling, passing and shooting.  Our staff has years of experience in developing players at the youngest ages.   Registration will be limited to 32 skaters.

Offensive Skills and Tactics - At Offensive Skills and Tactics you will learn critical position-specific skills and tactics to gain the extra edge in game situations. The modern skater plays a 200-foot game, is dynamic with the puck, and has a nose for the net. Players participate in confrontational drills against players in their age group, making the drills more game-like and anticipatory. We'll cover offensive tactics like net play, puck protection, getting off the half wall, cycling, and zone entries. Registration limited to 24 skaters.


Shoot to Score - The Shoot to Score camp will focus on the specific techniques required by forwards and defensemen in order to be effective at these positions. We systematically break down the fundamentals of shooting and progress to high-speed stickhandling, dekeing and shooting. Players participate in confrontational drills against players in their age group, making the drills more game-like and reactionary. Throughout the camp, players are closely monitored by our experienced instructors who give direction on improving play in each situation.  Registration is limited to 25 shooters.


Defense First - At our Defense First Clinic you will learn critical position-specific skills and tactics, including defensive and offensive skills to gain the extra edge in game situations.  The modern defenseman is a hybrid who can play both ends of the rink with and without the puck.  Players participate in confrontational drills against players in their age group, making the drills more game-like and reactionary. We'll cover things such as defensive tactics, Layering, reversing puck, angling, gap control, net play and puck protection. Registration is limited to 24 skaters.

Advanced Puck Control - This clinic will focus on aspects of puck handling, puck protection, passing and receiving.  Our focus is to give players more puck confidence which will allow them to focus more on what is going on around them. Registration limited to 24 skaters.

For more detailed information including days and times, visit the Spring Clinic Information Page at the link below.

Wheelhouse Spring Clinic Information Page

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