Q. What is USA Hockey focusing on this season in terms of player development? Last season the focus was on ADM.

The ADM was implemented to improve the skills of the players from beginners to the advanced athlete. This season USA Hockey continues to focus on developing the skills through organized practices, stations, placing focusing on players at the older/advance levels. Carrying forward touching the puck throughout practices, and of course developing a love for the game. Coaches will be encouraged to have practice plans, keep players moving though out their ice time and limit standing in line. Hockey is a game in motion; therefore in order to develop the players, they need to be in constant motion. 

Q. What is Bison Hockey going to focus on in our Skills Sessions this season?

This year’s Skills Instructors will be putting more emphasis on developing a strong skating foundation at the beginning of the sessions. With a strong skating base, it will allow our Skill Instructors to take other vital hockey skills to the next level. 

Q. How is women’s ice hockey changing at the collegiate level these days?

Women’s hockey is becoming one of the fastest growing sports, and the women coming up through youth programs and entering collegiate levels are elite. The level of play at the university platform is fast, extremely competitive and the skill level is unbelievable compared to the past. The Recruiting process is becoming more aggressive that again shows how youth/women’s hockey has developed over the past decade.