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Buffalo Sabres Raffle

Buffalo Sabres Raffle

Buffalo Sabres Ticket Raffle – Wednesday September 30, 2015

Each season Bison Hockey holds a raffle to help raise money for our program. This season each player is required to sell one book of tickets (16 tickets x $5.00 each = $80.00). The proceeds go to pay for the tickets and any profits are used to help underwrite financial aid support for families seeking assistance.

Players are encouraged to sell additional ticket books. All those proceeds can be applied against your team fees. The more tickets you sell the less you will owe on your team fee. It is a terrific way to reduce the cost at the respective team level.

There will be 17 winners selected. Each winner will receive two tickets, in the 100 section directly across from The Buffalo Sabres bench. The top winner will receive two tickets to 10 games.

Players should reach out to their team managers for their raffle ticket books. Bison Hockey will hold the drawing for the 17 raffle winners on Wednesday September 30, 2015.